The Origin

Understated Watches was born from a passion for learning, buying, and collecting vintage timepieces. Two friends, Alfie & Miles, had been collecting and selling vintage watches for half a decade. But, despite their passion, they consistently found the buying process for vintage watches challenging, experiencing recurring risks when sourcing and buying vintage watches.

  • Option overload – Thousands of watches across different platforms, models, and sellers. It isn't easy to know you're getting a deal you can trust without hours of dedicated research.
  • Unreputable sellers – The watch industry is flooded with amateur sellers, dodgy dealerships, and counterfeits. Amplifying the risk of your purchase through limited product history, unclear images, and unprotected postage. This is particularly acute affordable vintage watches.
  • Lack of honest guidance – Like many, when we started we didn't know where to look, which models and years were most valuable, and what represented a good deal when we started. We missed a company that offered sincere support, much like a friend helping you pick your first watch!

Two years later, Alfie and Miles partnered to ease the complexity of buying vintage watches for first-time and experienced collectors alike. Offering curated and affordable vintage timepieces with trusted delivery and honest customer service.

If you want to buy, sell or educate yourself on timeless vintage watches, welcome to Understated.