5 of the best affordable Vintage Watches Under £500

The pursuit of vintage watches need not be an extravagant affair, this curated list unveils 5 vintage watches under £500 worth consideration for your collection or alternatively a great place to start a collection if you are yet to commit to a watch. 

Omega Seamaster 

Where else to start but here? The Omega Seamaster has been an emblem of luxury and precision for a long time but can still be found for a relatively affordable price. Priced from £400 and up it is a great addition to any collection, there are so many differnet variations so do a bit of research, find your favorite and take the plunge. 

OMEGA SEAMASTER Vintage swiss automatic watch 1956 Cal. 471 Ref. 2790-5 ***  BEAUTIFUL PATINA *** Omega Vintage watches - Watches83

Seiko 5 Day Date 

Seiko's reputation for crafting reliable and stylish timepieces is epitomized in the Seiko 5 Day Date, a fantastic homage to the Rolex Datejust (I know this has a date function but they give a very similar look). This vintage gem, ranging anywhere from £150 to £300, combines functionality with a touch of retro charm. The automatic movement powers the time and the day and date complications. With a stainless steel case and bracelet and combinations that match the Rolex it pays homage to, the Seiko 5 Day Date is a fantastic way to take a first foray into the vintage market.

Timex Marlin 

The Timex Marlin is by far the most affordable watch on this list but still captures the essence of vintage watchmaking at a remarkable price. Priced from as little as £30 this timepiece often carries a reliable mechanical movement. Strap this up with your favorite leather strap and you’ve got a lovely but affordable piece from a quintisentialy British brand.

Tag Heuer Professional 2000 

The Tag Heuer Professional 2000 (though some would say not strictly vintage but we think it is too good to miss) exudes a timeless sporty aesthetic reminiscent of the 1980s. Priced from £300 upwards depending on the edition, this iconic timepiece features a stainless steel case, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a distinctively styled dial. With its robust construction and water-resistant design, the Tag Heuer Professional is a versatile watch suitable for both water adventures and everyday wear. The Quartz movements make it a great everyday beta that won’t require winding. Look out for the “Moondust” edition as seen on Hodinkee's talking watches (Keegan Allen episode) although this desirable edition may cost you a little over the £500 price point.

  TAG Heuer 2000 Professional "Moondust", 2000s (Rare)– Understated Watches

A Vintage Longines Watch

For my last one I couldn’t pick a specific model so I have gone just for a “Longines Vintage watch”! A cop out I know but it is impossibly hard to pick between the Conquest, the Flagship and everything in between. Longines, known for its rich heritage and elegant designs, offers vintage watches priced from £200 upwards. Often mentioned in the same breath as the seamaster, a good vintage Longines is every bit the watch of its Omega counterpart (at even better value).


Let us know what you think of our list, whats on yours?

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